Welcome to the ‘Pet PI’ Pet Detective Agency!

Here you can try your hand at detective work in our interactive CPD. Solve fun puzzles and follow a trail of clues to gain your CPD certificate!

Just choose your module to begin – decide whether to learn about different kinds of parasites, or discover how healthcare plans can benefit pets, owners and your practice team.

Get ready for your mission by watching our video… then pick up your magnifying glass and get started!

Module 1

Healthcare Plans: Why are they important and how do you discuss them with clients?

In this module, you’ll delve into the details of healthcare plans and discover how they can benefit pets, owners and your practice team. You can find out why healthcare plans are becoming even more important and gain top tips on how to discuss them with clients.

Time to complete: up to 1 hour

Module 2

External parasites: What are the key facts?

This module gives you the lowdown on the most common external parasites of cats and dogs. Use your detective skills to work through your list of suspects – fleas, ticks and mites – and discover how to spot evidence of them.

Time to complete: up to 1.5 hours

Module 3

Internal parasites: Get to know the basics

This module takes you through the most common worms of dogs and cats – roundworms, tapeworms, lungworm, hookworms and whipworms. As you work through the different types, you’ll learn about their lifecycles and the symptoms they cause.

Time to complete: up to 1.5 hours